Sunday, October 29, 2006

Minutes Thursday Oct 26

Hi everyone, it's Christine again. :) Here are the minutes for Thursday.
The DOUGIMUN (If that's how you spell it) is held during Mar 8-11 and it was recommended by Mr. Byron. I think a lot of people want to go, just for the practice, right? So we're still thinking about that. The costs are $250 per person which means we have to get on it ASAP.
Krispy Kreme Fundraising organizers are Kevin and Julia. Help is very much appreciated, so if you wanna take the lead and organize it, please contact them and make sure you're working quickly.
We want the fundraiser on Mon Nov 15th. So there's your deadline guys.
Michelle talked about position papers today, and we will all get assignments next meeting.
Position papers are a one page statement on country's policies.
Major points of interest and concern
Possible solution to the issue in the POV of the country.
3 Main Parts
A brief background of the country, and of the issue
UN involvement
Country's policies and involvement (What your country has done in the past, etc).
We are all required to write two position papers for the conference as there will be two prepared topics.
I just want to remind Kelsey to make sure you look into the Marriott thing as well as hotels around the Marriott.
That's all for today, and have a marvelous day. :P


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