Sunday, October 22, 2006

Minutes Thursday Oct 19

Hi everybody. here's what we talked about at the meeting:

We raised $130 dollars at our first bake sale, which I personally think is very impressive. So we decided to have another bakesale this coming friday, and the people who volunteered to set up, etc are Claudia, Kyla, Catherine, James, Julia M., Julia H., and Pang IF anyone else wants to volunteer, just let either me or Alysha know and we'll make something work for you.

Our next fundraiser is going to be Krispy Kreme, and we need someone to organize it. Preferably one of our fundraiser organizing people. Just step up and make this one work!

And VERY IMPORTANT. Please read The Package!!! It has vital information about the organization and how Model UN works at actual conferences.
Michelle mentioned a couple of terms you need to familiarise yourself with and they are: motion, caucus, speakers list, and resolution
Caucus - moderated and unmoderated (8-10 mins of general talking)
Speakers List - speaking time is about 30 sec - 2 mins depending on the committee
Resolution - there are sponsors and signitaries. consists of a preamble which is the basic principle and then comes the "meat" of the resolution.
Crises may come up during the committee assembly, and it's basically to see what we can do under these random but not so random (?) circumstances.
Position papers. Alysha did point out that we will have work to do on this so...please read the package?

I believe next meeting is on Thursday yet again, because it's an EFGH day, and we missed friday, so ;P

So have a good one guys, and hope to see you soon.

P.S. If you're not a member of Model UN, will you please tell me so I can take you off the emailing list? I have a lot of people who aren't showing up but are still on the list.


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