Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Meeting Wednesday October 4th 2006

So after a meeting with Mr. Bird in the morning with Alysha and Claudia, we realized how much work has to be put in. And this does not mean eventually or gradually. It means NOW. Like..presently. The forms are being filled out on Friday and Registration will be done by next week.

New developments at this meeting:
  • We need a minimum of 12 people to go to these conferences. The numbers can exceed this. We just get two countries instead of one. So please participate! We need more members!
  • If our fundraising money is not enough, it may be at most, $200 per person. None of us want to spend any more than we have to, which means work.
  • A new desire for a switch of locations has come up. Instead of going to the Model UN conference in Berkeley, people are now expressing desires to go to the one in New York City. Not because I'm biased or anything, but you have to admit that the experience is going to be that much better (although the financial trouble is that much bigger). If we get to work now, we can do it. How else would other high schools go to this conference? The NYC one is scheduled for Mar 7-10th and we may stay an extra day just to hang out at the Big Apple. :D
  • On a more personal note from me, if you're not at all enthusiastic or optimistic about this club, just don't come. Because it means nothing to any one of us. If you're willing to go, willing to do the work it takes, please by all means, start now.
  • One more thing, we need two fundraisers done by the end of this month. So fundraisers, please get started, NOW.
  • I will be sending out emails on top of the updating the blog, but more up-to-date information will be on the blog as I am more on the computer and it's easier for me to contact everyone this way and other things like choosing can just reply.

Hope you guys can get used to the blog. Thanks a bunch.

-Christine Ko


At 9:35 PM, Anonymous Hong?ster said...


because vancouver can eat coffee crisps and we need forms to join n.y.

sorry i have this grudge against coffee crisps. they taste too good.


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