Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Hi everyone, it's Christine here with your beloved minutes. Here's what we discussed at today's meeting:

Vancouver vs. Ottawa

it's a long story really. Because Berkeley is during spring break and our teachers can't make it, it's really not possible. Plus, people have raised concerns about not being experienced enough in terms of fundraising, running a Model UN club, and perhaps that we would be better off at a local one than pushing ourselves too much to go to Ottawa. So the decision is Vancouver.

Ken Snider (welcome) also raised the suggestion that maybe we should host a mini or mock-conference at our school by inviting other schools, and we'd all get more practice that way, because most of us don't even understand how these conferences work. So..Ken, that's your job. :P

Now this is important!! We are holding a BAKE SALE, this FRIDAY. Please bring baked goods (bought or made) and some change and shoeboxes!, and you will be reimbursed later. But we just need some money and some goods to start us off, right? So volunteers for FRIDAY LUNCH, you must get out of G BLOCK early enough to set up tables and such. The volunteers are : Eddy, Jamie, Michelle, Alysha, Julia and Natasha. So you guys must be there. I will get back to everyone on how and where to leave your baked goods for the day.

Also, all members must read the package that was handed out today. If you didn't get one, ask for one from Michelle, I believe and she'll fill you in.

Next meeting is Thursday Oct 19th..

Thanks guys, and hope to see you all on Friday.
Christine Ko


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