Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Fundraising Ideas

Fundraisers! Please pay attention to these ideas and give them some serious thought!

Here's what Jamie sent me. (stuff like this is work!) :

"Hey all,

Was just reading september's youthink, saw an article on it with fundraising ideas.

If you guys don't have a copy, here are some of the things:
1. Dance pass - discounted annual passes-i'm not too sure, how many dances do we have in a year anyway?
2. Garage Sale/Auction - gather stuff from home and sell them
3. Student Portraits - get students to draw pictures of others on the spot
4. Pet wash - wash pets (not cars)-i guess we could do that and/or car wash?
5. Breakfast club - make breakfast for people on the spot-the caf already offers breakfast right?6. Weekend Workout - make school gym available on weekends for student use
7. BBQ - BBQ food for people on the spot at school
8. Fun facts - come up with fun facts and sell them-i doubt this will work
9. Face painting - can be done before a school game, or on little kids (who love it)
10. Second-hand sale - sell leftover school supplies/notes etc.
11. School Fashion Show - charge for tickets and model voting-gogo kyla =D
12. Petting Zoo/ Pet-sitting - bring in pets and charge to let other people pet them etc.
13. Locker Priority - pay to pick locker of your choice -this is going to be difficult, i don't see how this is gonna work out
14. Early Dismissal Pass - pay to get out of class early for a sports game or something-this one's gonna be difficult too, but if we can get it to work it's gonna be hugely profitable

So yea, food for thought for the fundraising people. "

I think these are all excellent ideas and maybe we can all expand on them and come up with some more stuff. Kevin suggested a TOKafe thing which some of the students did in the past.

"hey.... just an idea.. there once were two guys.. who had an esspresso machine in our school.. they created a thing called TOKafe.. which sold coffe(things like latte, cappucino, caramel mochiatto....) which they sold at the begining of TOK classes... and they had their little operation.... its a bit difficult if you actually want to start it.. but it would create a steady flow of money.. and you would need to find ppl with spares during those blocks.... you can also make mixed drinks at lunch........ comment.... i was going to do this.. just to make ms matts happy... she kinda told me to do it last year... but i don't have spares.. but among the mun group there is bound to have someone have comment.."

Thanks to Jamie and Kevin for the great ideas. Fundraisers look into it. Please? :P

-Christine Ko


At 9:54 PM, Anonymous Hong?ster said...

go kevin!

At 4:07 PM, Blogger c~a~s said...

These are such great ideas, guys! Scouting takes a long time, so I think we should do it over the time that we are preparing for the conference. But we should do a fundarasing event next week, for sure!! We need to organise as soon as possible!

At 7:41 PM, Anonymous cAkE said...

I say that we make a huge raffle ticket/lottery style thing. where there are great prizes which will attract many into buying tickets and where the result will hopefully be the same as lottery corporations: profit. =D


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